About us


Thetys Company develops and designs innovative and beautiful websites and mobile apps that should be kept in every business of yours. Informational websites that can represent your business image and show the information customers want to know in one place. E-Commerce Website where you can sell your company’s products through Website and Mobile App, which are designed according to the needs of your business in detail.

Company Vision and Mission

Business and employee perspective

•To provide our clients with multifaceted innovative solutions in the fields of business intelligence technology.

•To grow the business, especially in the Asia Pacific region and international markets.

•To develop employees who have the potential to have an entrepreneurial spirit for employment opportunities.


Frequently Asked Questions


Answer: Our company has 25 employees.

Answer: Our company makes Web Application & Mobile Application.

Answer: In Web Applications Programming languages such as C# ASP.NET .Net Core,  Vue.Js are being used. Mobile applications are written in C#. We are working on high quality mobile application software using programming languages such as Xamarin.

Answer: WordPress is a system that allows you to quickly and easily edit information and content on a website.

To increase business opportunities. The important thing about websites created using a content management system is how easy it is for you to use the website instead of how we created it and how to attract visitors to convert into customers.

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