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Personal Data Protection Policy

Thetys Co., Ltd. values privacy and protection of personal information.

Of customers, partners, business partners by Thetys Co., Ltd. wishes to protect personal information. person from being misused Not in accordance with laws, rules and regulations and will take steps to keep personal information safe according to law. Therefore, this policy has been prepared as follows:

1. Definition
“Company” means Thetys Company Limited. “Customer” means the purchaser or user of the Company’s services, including the use of the website. or other applications or services of the Company and shall include business partners, business partners and stakeholders as well. “Website” means the website website owned or operated by the Company. “Application” means the application provided by the Company. “Data Controller” means the Company and the person appointed by the Company as the Data Controller. “Protection Officer” means an officer appointed by the Data Controller to act as a Personal Data Protection Officer in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Laws. “Personal Data” means information about an individual that enables it to be directly or indirectly identified. According to the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562 and the Personal Data Protection Law. “Data processor” means a person who processes personal data for the Company.

2. General
This Personal Data Protection Policy is designed to clarify details and methods of protecting and managing personal data of customers. The Company may update or revise this Privacy Policy. Including as specifically set out in any part of this website or application from time to time, in whole or in part. In order to be consistent with the service guidelines and the rules of the law that have changed, therefore, customers should always follow this personal data protection policy.

This Privacy Policy is intended to apply to
1. Sale of products or services
2. Registration for using the website or application
3. Using services or purchasing products access and use of the content, features, technologies or functions contained in this website or application with the Company;
4. Other related services Including other services of the company, both existing and that the company will develop or provide in the future.

3. Data Collection Method and Data Collected
The company collects personal information. In various ways, including using technologies such as cookies, which are small pieces of information stored on the customer’s device that enable a website or application to remember access to the website or application. or how customers use the website or application each time The customer-related information that the Company collects includes:

3.1. Information directly provided by the customer The company needs to collect personal information of customers to provide services to customers or must comply with contracts or laws by collecting information that customers send to the company, such as name-surname, address, date/month/year of birth, gender, age, photo. Take a photo of your email, bank account number, credit card number (if any), national ID card number. taxpayer identification number Phone numbers, including information about user accounts, e-mail, Social network : Line or Facebook, photographs, interests, jobs, signatures and all comments that customers have expressed through the website. For sensitive information, the Company will only store it as necessary. only with the explicit consent of the customer

3.2. Information obtained from the use of the Customer’s services The Company collects information about the services that the customer uses and how the customer uses them. This includes information, images and sounds, device information that the customer uses to access the website or application. Computer traffic data (Log) Communication data between customers and other users. and data from usage logs website traffic statistics Time of visiting the website (Access Time) Information that customers search for Use of website functions and information we collect through cookies or other similar technologies. For personal data required by law, the consent of the customer must be obtained before collection. The company will collect only what is necessary. With the consent of the customer Unless there are exemptions by law that the Company can collect without the consent of the customer.

4. Storage Period
The Company may collect personal information of customers only as necessary. and storage for as long as necessary Currently, the company has set a maximum storage period of 10 years after the customer ceases to use the service or terminates the contract with the company. The company will destroy such information.

5. Purpose of collection Use of personal information

5.1 To ensure that the purchase of products and the use of services are orderly and in accordance with relevant laws, rules and regulations.

5.2 For the benefit of confirming or identifying the customer when accessing various services and for the benefit of confirming or identifying the customer when accessing various services and service to customers

5.3 To check the customer’s service usage information according to the safety and security standards of the system in using the service Management and protection of information technology infrastructure

5.4 To contact customers via Social network, telephone, text message (SMS), email (E-mail) or post or through any channel to inquire or notify customers. or verify and verify information about the client’s account. or poll or notify any other information related to the Company’s services as necessary.

5.5 to process Analyze any other benefits related to the Company’s business operations.

5.6 To develop products, services and increase the efficiency of providing various services to customers even more.

5.7 To prevent or suppress dangers to life, body or health of customers. including customer property or it is necessary to perform duties for the public interest of the Company or performing duties in exercising government powers that have been given to the Company or employees or representatives of the Company or to comply with the law

6. Disclosure of personal information to third parties

The Company will not disclose the customer’s personal information to any person without the consent of the customer. In any case, unless it must be disclosed as specified by law. In the event that the customer believes that the person the company disclosed the customer’s personal information as above The customer’s personal information has been used for purposes other than the scope specified by the Company. The customer can notify the company to take further action in relation to it.

In this regard, the Company will disclose personal information of customers under the rules required by law, such as disclosing information to government agencies. government agency The agency responsible for the supervision of the provision of services or customer regulators Including in the case of a request to disclose information by virtue of law, such as requesting information for prosecution or legal action. or as a request from a private agency or other third parties involved in the legal process.

7. Rights of the data subject

7.1 The data subject has the right to be informed of the storage procedures.

7.2 Right to request access to personal data

7.3 Right to object to the collection, use or disclosure of personal data

7.4 Right to request deletion or destruction or making personal information non-personally identifiable

8. Accessing and Updating Personal Information

8.1 In the event that the customer does not wish to receive information and press releases from the Company, please send a request to [email protected].

8.2 In case the customer wishes to correct personal data Suspend the use of personal information Object to the collection, use or disclosure of personal information Object to the processing of personal data Proceed to delete personal information from the system. withdraw the consent previously granted to the Company in the collection, use or disclosure of personal data or have any objection in relation to such can be contacted at [email protected]

8.3 In the event that the Client wishes to acknowledge its existence. Characteristics of personal information The purpose of using the customer’s personal information or requesting the Company to disclose the acquisition of the personal information
can be contacted at the Personal Data Protection Officer, E-mail: [email protected]
The company will consider and notify the results of the request within 30 days from the date the company receives such request.
However, the company can refuse to exercise the customer’s rights under the conditions stipulated by law. The company will record the refusal of the request along with the reasons.


Our website may contain links to third party websites, products and services. Those third parties may collect certain information in connection with the use of the customer service. The Company cannot be held responsible for the security or privacy of any customer information collected by such third party websites, products or services. Customers should exercise caution and review the privacy policies of those third party websites, products and services.

10. Security measures for the retention of personal data
The Company takes the security of personal information concerning or referring to customers very seriously. The Company has reasonable security measures in place to prevent the Customer’s personal information from being accidentally lost, used, accessed, altered or disclosed without permission. The Company restricts access to Customer Personal Data to employees, agents, contractors and third parties with ‘The need to obtain information

This Privacy Policy applies to all Personal Data collected by the Company. and the customer agrees that the Company has the right to store, maintain and use the customer’s personal information that the Company has already collected (if any) as well as the customer’s personal information currently collected by the Company And that will be collected in the future, used or disclosed to others within the scope specified in this privacy policy

12. Contact channels
The company has assigned and appointed Ms. Kanchana Wangsuk to be a personal data protection officer. by having powers and duties as personal data protection officers According to the Personal Data Protection Act B.E.
Contact place: Thetys Co., Ltd. No.1/A, Yuzana Mya Khwar Nyo Housing, Mya Khwar Nyo 3rd Street, Thaketa Township, Yangon
In case of complaints about the company Employees or employees of the company violate or fail to comply with the law. Owners of personal data can complain to the supervisory authority. Details are as follows:
Office of the Personal Data Protection Commission
Contact place: No.1/A, Yuzana Mya Khwar Nyo Housing, Mya Khwar Nyo 3rd Street, Thaketa Township, Yangon